SageTech: Leading Sustainable Anesthesia Technology

Fab Lab Plymouth at PCA supported Sagetech Medical Equipment to develop it's use of 3D Design and 3D printing to develop it's innovative anaesthesia recycling technology.

When it comes to environmental emissions there are well known offenders such as travel pollution and fossil fuel use, but a relatively unknown and significant source of emissions can be found in the modern anaesthesia gases used in hospitals.

Global anaesthetic emissions contribute 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents every year. The NHS’ anaesthetic emissions are equal to the emissions from the commute for all 1.3 million NHS staff.

Co-founded by anaesthetist, Sebastian Brown and entrepreneur, Mark Rushworth, SageTech Medical Equipment has developed a way to capture, extract, purify and resupply waste anesthetic agents used during surgery.

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SageTech initially accessed the Fab Lab to learn 3D CAD, having identified this as an area crucial to the development of their technology. They accessed the SEED Project, an EU funded programme that enables the Fab Lab to provide bespoke learning to businesses based in Devon. From that, SageTech then accessed another EU funded programme; Impact Lab - Environmental futures & Big Data at PCA. This enabled them to receive technical support and 3D printing facilities. After around a year and many printed parts later, SageTech have moved onto the pilot stage and are testing their equipment an process in Devon Hospitals.


A new wave of green energy created with the help of Fab Lab Plymouth

Art and Energy CIC is a pioneering artist-led energy company who are working to re-imagine solar panel technology as an art material for the future, not only opening possibilities for new cultural exchange, but creatively responding to the climate emergency.
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Since being launched in January 2018 by Chloe Uden, who was soon joined by long-time collaborator Naomi Wright, Art and Energy have been exploring the aesthetic versatility of solar photo voltaic technology, and have developed a craftivist approach to generating green energy, the results of which will be launched in Exeter this weekend.

Art and Energy have accessed support from Fab Lab Plymouth as part of the Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab, £6.4 million project, part-funded by a £3.4 million grant from the European Regional Development Fund. The Impact Lab brings together seven world-class Devon-based organisations – Plymouth College of Art, the University of Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the University of Exeter, Exeter City Futures, the Met Office, and Rothamsted Research.

Over the last year or so, Art and Energy have worked with a host of creative and technical specialists from across the South West and beyond, including master glassmaker and Fab Lab guru Ian Hankey at Fab Lab Plymouth, here at Plymouth College of Art, as well the Environment and Sustainability Institute at The University of Exeter, LaserCutz in Honiton, and The RSA in London.

Since the summer of 2018, Art and Energy have also worked with Jenny Ayrton, a Plymouth College of Art graduate and glass artist. Jenny officially joined the Art and Energy team in February 2019. She specialises in sand and kiln cast glass, etching and engraving.

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Fab Lab Plymouth achieves Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner status.

Having gained the academic partnership with Autodesk, Fab Lab Plymouth can now offer accredited courses in Fusion 360.
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Around two years ago, staff at the Fab Lab researched the 3D CAD platform best suited to it's users. It was decided that Autodesk's Fusion 360 was the best all round package for 3D design, rendering, simulation and advanced manufacturing. Fusion 360 is free to students, and to anyone earning below £100,000. For business users the cost is a fraction of comparable 3D parasolid modelling software.

The Fab Lab team committed themselves to learning this powerful piece of software, and incorporating into their teaching skill set. Recently the team passed it's Autodesk Certified User exams, allowing them to provide accredited courses to students, the Fab Lab members and businesses.

Fusion 360 has been incorporated into the Hidden Talent in Devon (HTiD) 'Design and Make (almost) Anything' course, and is often the go to 3D software used in the Strategic Employer Engagement in Devon training offered to businesses.

We are now offering bespoke courses to business and education users, where you can develop your Fusion 360 skills and take the Autodesk Certified User Exam.

If you are interested in learning Fusion 360, please consider enrolling on the HTiD course or contact Ben Mundy to discuss a bespoke course.

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