Fab Lab Plymouth at the Tate

Fab Lab Plymouth’s contributed to the Factory Settings Tate Exchange event by working with PCA artists to create installations and artworks to respond to artist Clare Twomey’s theme of production.

With a pallet of corrugated card and a laser cutter, we set to, to design and create spaces and installations to house the artists work. Various structures and pieces of temporary furniture were created, most in the wonderful medium of corrugated card!

18 Express Yourself Day2 Website
15 Worker Playing Day1 Website
16 Booth Selfie Day1 Website

A group of pre-degree students worked with the Product Design tutors to design and create a conveyor belt, turning babies into tin cans. Produced on the Fab Lab’s CNC router.

9 Kid Engagement1 Day2 Website

Henrietta Pane’s Tea Enclosure gave visitors the opportunity to reflect on their experiences of the exhibition whilst enjoying a nice cup to tea.

16 Man Tea Day2 Website

Are you a local artist looking incorporate digital manufacturing processes into your practice, or are you just interested to learn more about Fab Lab processes? If so give the Fab Lab a ring, or drop us an email. We are always keen to work with artists.

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