Fun Running with Routed Reindeer

The Fab Lab with Peter Heywood designed and CNC machined Santa's reindeer for the Looe Pioneers Christmas Fun Run.

Peter Heywood, a BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts student from Plymouth College of Art, helped the running club Looe Pioneers to bring Santa Claus and his reindeer-driven sleigh into Looe this year, as part of the city’s Santa Fun Run.

The reindeer were initially designed by Peter in Fab Lab Plymouth, using the 3D CAD software, Rhino 5. To test the design, he first used the Fab Lab’s laser cutter to make a 1/10 scale model from mounting board.

When the scale model was successful, Peter used the Fab Lab CNC router to cut the slot models at full size in plywood. These reindeer, when assembled, were connected using metalwork made with the large scale metal equipment in our Craft, Design & Fabrication workshops.

Looe Pioneers 1

In addition to the full-sized assembled reindeer, the Fab Lab produced laser cut 60 kits of the miniature reindeer on mountboard, to give out to the first children who completed the Santa Fun Run.

Looe Pioneers 3

Photos by Neil Richardson.

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